The Connaught Patisserie

Client: Maybourne Hotel Group

Location: Mount Street, Mayfair, London

Year: 2020


Brief: To design a Patisserie for the Connaught Hotel, Carlos Place, Mayfair, London

The Connaught Patisserie is an exquisitely crafted box, designed to present the jewel-like perfection of the hand finished pastries and cakes it contains and nurture visitors with tactile materials and soft, warm hues while they enjoy them.  

We wanted to make the entire experience a celebration of the touch of the hand, the precious nature of bespoke creations – whether edible or environmental. We hung pink, hand blown crystal lights over long, supple leather benches in pink and grey and surrounded intimate circular marble tables – with flaps cut out to allow them to fit together and grow – with voluptuous curved chairs that cradle the body and swivel to support total comfort, encouraging people to linger and take time to luxuriate in their pastries. 

The focal point of this sensual box is the refrigerated cake display, a warm white marble altar that elevates a selection of 10 perfected cakes. To support undisturbed enjoyment of these delicacies, we hung a canvas ceiling to absorb sound and soften acoustics and lined the space in Rosa Tea pink marble on the floors and pink polished plaster on the walls, cocooning visitors. A polished walnut back bar and bronze furnishing details give the space a gentle glow and mirrors maximise the pull of light and pick up the reflection of the red brick building opposite, camouflaging you within. 

A sculptural clock, made from anodised aluminium, hangs on the wall, not to tell the time but instead to show you what has just come out of the oven given the time of day i.e Croissants in the morning, Gateaux in the afternoon and so on, so the world outside fall away and you are left to experience a magical space that follows its own rules.