‘Lifeforms’ by Universal Everything

Client: Universal Everything

Location: 180 The Strand, London

Year: 2022


Brief: To design a series of ‘habitats’ for Universal Everything’s immersive digital art installations.  

Designing the environment for Lifeforms was a rare an opportunity to build a universe in which Matt Pyke’s artworks could coexist.

In devising our approach, we thought about liberation rather than containment. We wanted to go beyond the projection room, creating an open underground landscape of sculptural pieces that respond to the colours and forms of the content, helping to substantiate the magic of the self-generative digital installations.

We were privileged to work in open-minded collaboration with our client, giving us the freedom to remove boundaries and deconstruct the interior so that sound and moving image were able to bleed together and bounce off each other without obstruction, creating an fully immersive experience.

The humble materiality of the objects we created was conceived to contrast with Universal Everything’s sleek and hyper-real digital world. The habitats, made from dry mounted soft wood frames and stretched canvas are to be donated to other artists are for reuse at the end of the show.


Photography by Jack Hems, Universal Everything and Ab Rogers Design

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