La Bandita Townhouse

Client: John Voigtmann and Ondine Cohane

Location: Pienza, Italy

Year: 2013


Brief: To create a relaxing and nurturing retreat in the heart of Pienza, an idyllic Tuscan town that began life as a model Renaissance city in the 1500s.

Having created a small contemporary hotel for the client in an old farmhouse in 2007, we were subsequently invited to create a 12-room sister hotel intended to offer fresh contemporary design and high end service in the centre of Pienza, a town known for its unique art and beautiful architecture.

The Hotel located in the village’s pedestrian area in a former listed convent, includes a spa, a restaurant and a library that opens onto a beautiful walled garden.

We respectfully restored the original features of the existing building while introducing contemporary objects and interventions to offer both surprise and comfort. At the centre of each room we inserted a dividing unit that both separates the bedroom from the bathroom and contains all the services (the risers, bar and wardrobe) to liberate the remaining space and create a clear distinction between old and new.

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