Dyslexic Design

Client: designjunction

Location: Granary Square, London

Year:  2016


Brief: To design a spatial installation that would animate a series of objects by designers with dyslexia, as a celebration of the unique creativity of the dyslexic mind.

As part of London Design Week and in collaboration with Rokos, we were allocated a small chipboard house (18m2) in Granary Square and invited to fill it with extraordinary objects by 15 dyslexic designers based in London.

We wanted to create an installation rather than an exhibition and in seeking an alternative to the familiar language of plinths and vitrines developed an eccentric domestic interior, suspending objects and using furniture pieces to hold content in an immersive display that took inspiration from the eclecticism and use of the entire interior favoured by Sir John Soane. We covered the walls in black and white dazzle stripes and displayed mirrored circles alongside fluorescent green text captions containing words from the designers themselves, integrating their own thoughts about the relationship between dyslexia and design directly into the installation.

Silver winner of the London Design Award 2016.