Condé Nast Worldwide News

Client: Jonathan Newhouse, Condé Nast

Location: London

Year: 2011


Brief: To design a 24-square metre kiosk to showcase Conde Nast’s 120-plus titles from around the world and act as an ambassador for the brand.

We were challenged to create a space that felt both sleek and contemporary – in keeping with the company’s high-end publications – while remaining sensitive to the Grade I listed building in which it was situated.

To counteract the limited store footprint we introduced a continuous glass shop front, revealing content to passersby and encouraging them to explore further. Inside we inserted mirrored panels at either end of the space to reflect the interior, creating an illusion of endless volume in a small area.

Custom shelving was designed around magazine proportions and optimum viewing angles. Integrated linear lighting was introduced to illuminate them like precious objects.

Below we inserted a brilliant yellow resin floor to provide a warm glowing background for a cluster of free-standing furniture, reading as a bright a strip of colour from the street. Customers are invited to linger at the pure white stools and tables, browse flat screens containing online content and immerse themselves in the world of Condé Nast International News.