An Apartment in Paris

Client: Private client

Location: Le Marais, Paris

Completed: 2009


Brief: To introduce a series of highly functional, modern interventions into a historic 17th Century apartment in the Marais neighbourhood of Paris.

It was essential that any new additions did not compete with or distract from the delicate bones of the apartment’s architecture. We respectfully restored the oak floors and beams of the existing space to create a refreshed, updated environment and then, to establish an exciting dialogue between the design interventions and their context, introduced a self contained, highly efficient object into the space – a single high gloss laminate joinery unit that wrapped around and extended into the full depth of the apartment, containing kitchen, bathroom and storage.

We used colour to ensure the seamless piece communicated the functions it contained – signaling change of use through change in tonality from pale blue to grey, to dark blue to copper mirror.