La Bandita

Client: John Voigtmann and Ondine Cohane

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Year: 2007


Brief: To design, in collaboration with DA Studio, the architecture and interior of a luxury retreat nestled deep in the Tuscan countryside, defining the brand, identity and overall experience.

We wanted to celebrate the exceptional landscape that surrounds the boutique hotel in every way possible – creating fabulous vistas, blurring the boundaries between inside and out and drawing on local artisans and materials from the area. To achieve this we worked with terracotta, travertine, handwoven fabrics and chestnut wood, all of which were produced less than 100 kilometres from the site.

We kept the bedrooms as simple as possible – flawless white resin floors, mirror and splashes of cool green to reflect and evoke the Tuscan countryside. The beds are housed in a cubic terracotta frame and – raised by 90 centimeters – appear to float within the delicate box. Outside a series of pergolas with woven canvas roofs create peaceful shaded spaces for dining, swimming, yoga and meditation.

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