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RCA “Talking Interiors” - Ab Rogers

RCA 'Talking Interiors' - Ab Rogers

To celebrate the introduction of the new MA in Interior Design at the RCA, Ab Rogers will deliver the first lecture in a major public talk series titled “Talking Interiors” in which the role of the interior will be dissected, evaluated and discussed.

Interior design occupies a unique position, combining the functional and the inspirational, space and object, abstract and concrete – all at a human scale. It has the potential to alter and radically improve the way we work, shop, relax, learn, live and die; it is a powerful commercial, political and social tool. At its best, it combines function, imagination, innovation, technology, poetry and craft.

Eight eminent architects, designers and artists will participate in the season of discussion. Confirmed speakers include Jason Bruges, Jamie Fobert, Konstantin Grcic, Eva Jiricna, Ed Jones, and Penny Sparke.


Ab Rogers is the Director of Interior Design at the Royal College of Art. He is also the Creative Director of Ab Rogers Design, a multi-disciplinary practice based in London working across the commercial and cultural sectors whose clients included Tate Modern, Pompidou Centre Paris, Capital Museum Beijing, Selfridges, Comme des Garçons, COMO Hotels and The Fat Duck.

“Be it a hotel, a museum exhibition, a millionaire’s mansion, a café, a department store or a hospital ward, we want to create imaginative yet practical solutions that improve the performance, experience and emotional quality that a space has to offer.”

Ab Rogers


Date: Thursday November 8th, 6.30pm – 8pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, Royal College of Arts, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU

Contact: / 020 7590 4725

A day in the life of Ernesto Bones wins d&ad book award for spatial design

Ernesto-Bones-Beijing-Design Week 2011

The Design and Art Direction (D&AD) Awards are infamous for their high standards and the rigorous criteria a project must satisfy in order to be deemed ‘original and inspiring, exceptionally well executed, and relevant to their context.’
We are pleased to report that under these conditions Ab Rogers Design’s interactive installation ‘A day in the life of Ernesto Bones’ (produced under the auspices of the Stanley Picker Fellowship at Kingston University) has been bestowed with a big beautiful D&AD Book Award in the category of exhibition design for the D&AD Spatial Design Awards in 2012. This is one of our favourite projects of recent years and the award is just another great excuse to say a big thank you to all those who brought Ernesto Bones to life:
The collaborators (in sequential order): Sara Fanelli; Heston Blumenthal; Tom Scott; Monica Narula; Jane Nisselson; Ben Kelly; Deyan Sudjic; Michael Elias; David Tanguy; Adrian Searle; Charlotte Cullinan; Miranda Carter; Shelley Fox; Lesley Bunch; Fergus Henderson; Helena Reckitt; Jane Withers; Simon Ofield-Kerr; Aric Chen; Daniel Hunt; Susan Cohn; Andrea Branzi; Michael Connor and John Hegarty.
The sponsors:  Beijing Design Week 2011, The British Council, and THE DDSA.
The team: Ab Rogers Design (exhibition design), David Falkner (curation), Michael Connor (guest curation), John Short (photography)

The exhibition is currently honoured on the D&AD site , and is due to be published in the 2012 D&AD Annual, which will be directly available here.

Ab featured on Shoemakers of Melbourne

Ab and the Shoemakers of Melbourne

“One of London’s most pre-emminent designers, Ab Rogers, was in Mebourne recently working on a project with ACMI.  We were lucky enough to spot him on his morning walk and grabbed him for a quick chat and shot.  Ab is recognised for his proggressive and ultra-modern asthetic in interior design, lighting and commercial projects.  In design, like fashion, Ab says it’s absolutely simple – “it’s ALL about the detail”..  ”

ARD News - May 2011

Having completed Condé Nast Worldwide News in back in March, we were incredibly happy to hear from Jonathan Newhouse of Condé Nast that “people who come in visibly react with pleasure.” This is what we hoped to achieve with our design for the store, so we went into April with a spring in our step. (Read the New York Times’s feedback on the store here.)

Conde Nast World Wide News - Ab Rogers Design

Conde Nast World Wide News - Ab Rogers Design

Condé Nast World Wide News - Photography John Short

Next was the launch of our exhibition A Day in the Life of Ernesto Bones, on which we worked with our friends at the Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University. In a game of consequences, we asked all kinds of creative thinkers – from Heston Blumenthal to Sara Fanelli and Deyan Sudjic – to contribute texts describing an hour in the life of a fictional character called Ernesto Bones. The texts were then woven together to create a narrative that is on display at the Stanley Picker. More info is at, and exhibition is open until 21 May so there’s still time to see it.

A Day in the Life of Ernesto Bones - Ab Rogers Design

A Day in the life of Ernesto Bones - Ab Rogers Design

A Day in the Life of Ernesto Bones - Ab Rogers Design

A Day in the Life of Ernesto Bones - Photography John Short

We’re gearing up for two new projects in Singapore. The first is an exciting office intervention for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Then, the Richard Rogers + Architects – From the House to the City exhibition opens at the Urban Redevelopment Authority on 18 May. The show has been seen by well over half a million visitors worldwide since it first opened at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in 2007!

We’re honoured that our work for PizzaExpress Richmond has been made a finalist in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. Also, look out for theDesign Bites talk at the RIBA on 14 June that Ab will be participating in.

Design Week: VOXPOP

The question was…

‘The Design Museum’s Super Contemporary exhibition focuses on London design.
If you could design one thing to benefit the capital what would it be?’

And this is what Ab thinks! :

“London needs a floating desert island to drift down the River Thames, stopping at random, unexpected locations.

An oasis for escape. A space without time or location, drifting freely and liberating people from the city.

A liberated, floating, desert island would be a great way discover the Thames which is a magical element of London.

The island, free of everything except desert, should be a magical place for contemplation and escape, taking you to and showing you places you have never seen.

We often take London for granted and need a mechanism for discovery.”

Image courtesy Yosuke Watanabe

Image courtesy Yosuke Watanabe

[To be published in Design Week in a couple of weeks]

Little Chef published in Japan: ‘New Food Shop Graphics’

The Little Chef, Popham’s Interior and its Graphics/Branding has been published in a Japanese book called ‘New Shop Food Graphics’.
How exciting!

Little Chef: 'New Food Shop Graphics'

Little Chef: 'New Food Shop Graphics' (cover)